Flag Flying Days

Weather permitting flags are flown from the top of the Abbey tower on the following occasions:

The George Cross

Christmas Day to 1st January inclusive (The Octave of Christmas, which includes St Stephen, Martyr; St John, Evangelist; The Holy Innocents and The Naming of Jesus)

6 January Epiphany

25 January The Conversion of St Paul

2 February The Presentation of Christ in the Temple (Candlemas)

19 March St Joseph of Nazareth

25 March The Annunciation of our Lord to the Blessed Virgin Mary

23 April St George, Patron of England

25 April St Mark, Evangelist

1 May SS Philip & James, Apostles

14 May St Mathias, Apostle

11 June St Barnabas, Apostle

24 June The Birth of John the Baptist

29 June SS Peter & Paul, Apostles

3 July St Thomas, Apostle

22 July St Mary Magdalene

25 July St James, Apostle

6 August The Transfiguration of the Lord

24 August St Bartholomew the Apostle

8 September The Blessed Virgin Mary

21 September St Matthew, Apostle

29 September St Michael & All Angels

18 October St Luke, Evangelist

28 October SS Simon & Jude, Apostles

1 November All Saints

20 November St Andrew, Apostle

The Octave of Easter Ascension

Day Pentecost (Whit Sunday)

Trinity Sunday

The Abbey Flag

25 May St Aldhelm Patronal Festival

Important occasions in the life of the Abbey or the Benefice .

The Union Flag

6 February Accession of HM The Queen

21 April Birthday of HM The Queen

2 June Coronation Day

3rd Sunday in Sept Battle of Britain Day

2nd Sunday in Nov Remembrance Sunday

11 November Remembrance Day

The Red Dragon of Wales

1 March St David’s Day

The Cross of St Patrick

17 March St Patrick’s Day

The Red Ensign

3 September Merchant Navy Day

The White Ensign (by kind loan from Captain M. Rawlinson)

21 October Trafalgar Day

The Cross of St Andrew (The Saltire)

30 November St Andrew’s Day