5th Sunday of Easter – Viticulture in the Holy Land

Viticulture in the Holy Land: a sermon for Eucharist on the 5th Sunday of Easter, preached on 2 May 2021 by Canon Charles Mitchell-Innes.  (Acts 8: 26 – 40 and John 15: 1 – 8)  If you have been to the Jordan Valley, you will know that it is much warmer and more humid than the countryside surrounding it.  That is because it is…
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3rd Sunday of Easter – Jesus’ Resurrection

Jesus’ Resurrection: a sermon for Eucharist on the 3rd Sunday of Easter, preached on 18th April 2021 by Canon Charles Mitchell-Innes.  (Acts 3: 12-19 and Luke 24: 36-48)  In Jesus’ resurrection appearances to Mary of Magdala in the garden by the empty tomb, and to a couple of disciples on the way to Emmaus, those involved do not at first recognise him.  The disciples in Jerusalem,…
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Easter Sunday 2021 – Mary Magdalene meets Jesus

Mary Magdalene meets Jesus in the Garden on the first Easter morning: a sermon for Eucharist on Easter Day, preached on 4th April 2021 by Canon Charles Mitchell-Innes. (Genesis 28: 10-17 and John 20: 11-18) I am going to start today by talking about Titian’s painting ‘Noli me tangere’: so…
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Palm Sunday – Who had control?

Given on Sunday 28th March 2021 at Sherborne Abbey by the Revd. Christopher Huitson. When learning to drive in North London, I was once on a road with cars parked on both sides, not an unusual experience in London suburbs. In the distance a rather expensive looking car was heading…
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“Then they knew it was Jesus”

Sermon given on Easter Sunday 4th April 2021 at Sherborne Abbey by the Revd. Christopher Huitson. “Mummy”, asked a little girl, “Do men ever go to heaven?”. “Why yes, of course dear,” answered her mother. “Why do you ask?” “Because I’ve never seen angels with whiskers.” “Well”, replied her mother,…
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A sermon for the second Sunday of Advent

A sermon for the Parish Eucharist on 6th December 2020, preached at the recorded service for Sherborne Abbey on the second Sunday of Advent by the Revd. Christopher Huitson. It is said that someone deciding whether to read a book or not will look at the opening few paragraphs or…
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