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Sunday 26th January 2020

God’s calling - The Rector, Canon Eric Woods

This will become a sermon, I promise you, but it is starting as a statement as – with very mixed emotions – I announce today my retirement as the Rector of the Sherborne Team Ministry. The announcement has been made across the Benefice at all services. Two weeks ago I…

Sunday 12th January 2020

For Plough Sunday - The Rector, Canon Eric Woods

It may seem a bit odd to some of you that a few minutes’ ago I blessed a plough. A strange thing to do, you might think, in the Abbey’s Parish Eucharist on the First Sunday of Epiphany, which is also the Feast of the Baptism of Christ. It’s not…

Sunday 29th December 2019

Dreams and Obedience - The Reverend Lesley McCreadie

From the beginning of the Christmas story dreams have featured very regularly. Now I am someone who very rarely remembers their dreams but for our Holy Family they were God’s way of communicating his message in a profound way. And today is no different; today we have in fact three…

Only the beginning - Canon Eric Woods

I wonder how many of you can remember a former Bishop of Salisbury, George Reindorp? He led this diocese from 1973 to 1982, having previously been Bishop of Guildford. Sadly I never met him, though I have read some of his books. He was by all accounts a man of…

Wednesday 25th December 2019

Fear not - Canon Eric Woods

Up and down the country on this Christmas Day, in the cathedrals and churches of our land, preachers – many of them far more eminent than I – will be looking back on the year that is passing, and trying to relate the message of Christmas to the many upheavals,…

Tuesday 24th December 2019

Why are you here? - Canon Eric Woods

The Abbey’s Carol Service just three days ago, on Sunday afternoon, was a packed house. Chairs in the south quire aisle; people in the Lady Chapel; many brave souls standing at the back. And seated in my great stall beside the High Altar, I wondered why they had all come….

Sunday 22nd December 2019

Advent IV: celebrating the Blessed Virgin Mary - The Rector, Canon Eric Woods

As I said in the notices, after this sermon I will be baptising Alison, who has been part of the worshipping congregation here at the Abbey for something like two years. Alison: in your baptism you will be joining not just the Abbey family but also, and much more importantly,…

Sunday 15th December 2019

To stoop:  - The Rector, Canon Eric Woods

By long tradition, the third Sunday in Advent focusses on John the Baptist. And that is right and proper. During Advent we ponder on those who “prepared the Way of the Lord”. And first come the patriarchs, on the First Sunday of Advent, and then the Prophets, on the Second…

Sunday 8th December 2019

Prepare ye the Way of the Lord - Canon Eric Woods

The modern lectionary – that’s the list of readings prescribed for every day of the year – rather messes up the themes of the four Sundays in Advent, symbolised in the Advent Wreath by a blue candle for the patriarchs (that was last week), for the prophets (today), for John…

Sunday 1st December 2019

Expectation - The Reverend Robert Green

It is a very happy coincidence that this year Advent Sunday falls on 1st December, as throughout the world there will be children opening the first door of their Advent Calendars. Some will only find a chocolate, others will begin the story of the birth of Jesus. For my own…